A Poet's Journey: on poetry and what it means to be a poet

Poet's Journey

Ekstasis Editions,
Victoria, BC, 2019
126 p.p.

Stephen Morrissey's A Poet's Journey: on poetry and what it means to be a poet includes essays and notes on becoming a poet and the art of poetry. Writing from a poet's perspective Morrissey discusses the influence of older poets who act as mentors; the poet friends of one's youth; poets whose books influence one's own work; and the varied experiences of life that are important to the development of the poet's writing. The art of poetry includes ideas about poetry; poetry as the voice of the human soul; visionary poetry; the purpose of experimental poetry; confessional poetry; and finding an authentic voice in poetry.

Critical praise for A Poet's Journey

The "mapping of the soul" is Stephen Morrissey's signature — and his genius. His ability to transform "the personal" into "the universal" in his poetry is also what makes A Poet's Journey an invaluable resource for anyone who aspires to become a poet.
—Cynthia Coristine,

After spending a good number of plague days steeped in A Poet's Journey, I now want to seek out more of Stephen Morrissey's poems. Perhaps you may wish to do the same.
—Louise Carson, Montreal Serai 33.2 (July 2020)