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Montreal Gazette review of Vehicule Days

Vehicule Days: An Unorthodox History of Montreal's Vehicule Poets
Edited by Ken Norris
The Muses' Company, Winnipeg, 1983

Montreal Gazette, 1984

In the '70s two English literary movements expressed other realities of 'montréalitude,' to borrow a term coined by Clark Blaise. In prose, then youthful literati John Metcalf, Ray Smith, Ray Fraser, Blaise, and Hugh Hood banded together—'a jolly band of prose-troubadours'—to form the original Montreal Story Tellers... Simultaneously, a group of young poets associated with the experimental gallery Vehicule Art began to challenge the conservative and academic mindsets which had once again beset the English-language poetry scene. Experimenting with 'form, content, and collectivity,' the original group consisted of Ken Norris, Artie Gold, Stephen Morrissey, Claudia Lapp, John McAuley, Tom Konyves, and Endre Farkas.

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